Regaining your loved one’s functionality.

caregiver helping senior woman who smiling

Your loved one’s state of health may keep them from enjoying any productive activity, reducing their quality of life. This may be the case for those whose age and condition keep them from doing the things they love to do.

If this is what your loved one is facing right now, know that we have the ideal solution. We can provide occupational therapists to help them regain their functionality. These therapists can assess your loved one’s daily routines and create the ideal program to help them build their sense of accomplishment and independence. They monitor your loved one’s progress to ensure successful outcomes.

Occupational therapists can also provide assistance and education on the use of assistive devices to both the patient and their family.

To learn more about this service, please dial 909-920-0675. To see if your loved one can benefit from this service, kindly set an appointment.