We are excited with the opportunity to serve you at home.  It is the fulfillment of our professional obligations to meet your personal health care needs.
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With the promise to provide you with superior care, we want to know exactly what your needs are. Let's start with a health needs assessment. Schedule a consultation today!
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The everyday commitment we make is predominantly focused in providing you with comfort and safety as your get your treatment at home through our structured home care services.
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Welcome to Star Home Health Services, Inc.

We are defined by the quality services that we can present.

Star Home Health Services, Inc. is considered as one of the most prominent home health care agencies in the state of California.  Primarily serving the Montclair area, we bring quality care programs to the cities and counties surrounding our area.  It has been our ultimate goal to render you cost-effective, quality-oriented and complete care in your own home.

Star Home Health Services, Inc.  believes that health is everyone’s priority.  But we cannot avoid ourselves and even our loved ones from being sick and injured. Now, we at Star Home Health Services, Inc. also consider your home as the most effective place for you to regain self-care skills, stable health and relaxation.

It has been our home care agency’s mission to render health services for your total recovery provided by the dynamic team of health specialists.  Star Home Health Services, Inc. will collaborate with your physician for the formation of your specialized treatment plan.